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Cousins — Team Details

So, you know your mum right? Or your dad? Or any of your parents, really. Well if they have a brother—or sister, or any sibling—and that sibling has a child, then it’s that child, you know? Their parent is your aunt or uncle. And your parent is their aunt or uncle. Does that make sense? Both of your parents have the same parents: your grandparents! So, like, in a way, you have the same grandparents. Not all of the same grandparents, that would make them your siblings, but at least some of the same grandparents? Like, if you’ve ever seen Home Alone, there’s that kid who wets the bed? He’s one! No, not Buzz, he’s a brother. No, not Jeff, he’s also a brother. The scrawny one with the glasses. Yeah, the one who’s Macaulay Culkin’s brother in real life—yeah him! He’s a cousin. Um, and we’re also cousins. Look it up.

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