Improv Level 6 - Term 2a 2019 - Saturday — Workshop Details

Course Name Improv Level 6 - Term 2a 2019 - Saturday
Duration 8 Weeks
  Start Date Saturday, March 9
  End Date Saturday, April 27
  Meeting Time 11am-2pm
  Price $500 Full / $450 Concession
+ $5 Online Booking Fee (Includes GST)
  Location The Improv Conspiracy Theatre
Level 1, 19 Meyers Place, Melbourne 3000
This workshop is currently in session

There will be TWO class shows this term at The Improv Conspiracy Theatre: Sunday 31 March (5pm) and on 28 April (5pm)

Includes free entry to all shows at The Improv Conspiracy Theatre during the term (pending availability after paid ticketholders are admitted).

About the instructor(s)

While we don’t anticipate having to change the instructor after registrations open, please be aware that this may happen from time to time.

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Ben is a graduate of The Second City Conservatory Chicago and iO Chicago, as well as being a member of the iO Harold Team Ensemble. He moved to Melbourne where he debuted his award-nominated show The Tokyo Hotel which was adapted into an 8-part radio play for ABC radio.  He has toured shows to The Edinburgh Fringe Festival and The Soho Theatre in London

Ben was the head writer for the bizarre tonight show Aaron Chen Tonight and has appeared in ABC shows Fancy Boy Pilot, Sideliners and The Let Down. He is co-creator of the cult hit touring show Nö Shöw with Xavier Michelides. Ben also works with YouTube sketch groups Hot Dads and Aunty Donna.


Ben is the coach for TiC Harold team Peter Heliar.