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Improv Level 3 - The Game of the Scene — Workshop Level

Curriculum Description

You're bold enough to step out on stage, and capable of playing some wonderful characters. Fantastic! Now let's talk about what goes into making our scenes comedic in nature.

Our Level 3 course features a slightly more advanced look at the core building block of long form improvisation: the scene.

You'll get a chance to do a few scenes each week, while experimenting with some of the most influential theories of improv scenework being taught today: the game of the scene as defined by the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, and Position Play as defined by Miles Stroth.

Learning about the game of the scene will help you recognise and play with the comedic engines at work in your improvised scenes and scripted sketches.

Position Play stresses the importance of listening to your scene partner in order to discover which of the four basic scene types (Realistic, Straight/Absurd, Alternate Reality & Character) we're most likely inside of. Once you know what scene type you're in, the hard work is done: you can often simply "play your position" and have an entertaining experience!

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