Tomp Canks and Dark Triad Go To Hell — Show Details

Dark triad x tomp canks square
  Monthly shows @ 9.30pm
  $5 Tickets

Cult favourite improv teams Tomp Canks and Dark Triad venture into hell to search for the soul of comedy. But do they want to save it... or destroy it? It's the strangest hour of the month at the Improv Conspiracy.

Who are Tomp Canks?

If Rick & Morty, The Mighty Boosh, and Futurama had an intense threesome where all 3 shows got pregnant and gave birth to 3 odd babies that then did the Dragon Ball Z fusion dance and formed together to create one delightfully odd entity, that entity would be Tomp Canks. The hive mind consists of Beau WindonHill KuttnerJames WardJonno SwanThomas Fahey, and Zach Navarre. Once Tomp Canks were an official house team under the Fresh Blood banner. When Fresh Blood no longer needed the bizarre brotherhood they were sent away. But a few months later the Beacons of Gondor were lit and Tomp Canks returned to get lit once again. As a Harold team they were nominated for Best Harold Team in 2016 at the end of year awards. Now they've dumped Harold for trying to tell them what to do and are instead getting dusty every month on a Saturday. Don't tell Tom Hanks they're back.

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Who are Dark Triad?

The show that Dark Triad conjures up with their experimental flavour of improv has been a mystery to the broader improv scene. In Melbourne’s 2017 Fringe, they sold out shows flaunting their dry wit, bitter irony and sarcastic joy. Performing regularly at the Improv Conspiracy since January 2017, they’ve crafted their show to be a fever dream that will leave you… just like everyone else in the end.

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