The Two 7 Club — Show Details

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  Monthly shows @ 7.15pm
  $5 Tickets
  Next Session
November 18
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The Two 7 Club takes the baton from the 27 Club, but with substantially less dying young and prodigious talent so far.

There’s your favourite ragtag group of zanies, The Level Sevens, bringing chaotic joy based on anecdotes from amazing guest storytellers. Through teamwork, friendship and playful irreverence, they build their show in the heat of the moment, exploring bizarre alternate realities & bringing to life never-before-seen characters.

There’s Lukas&Derek are Watchable, who answer life’s smaller questions and just want  to make each other laugh along the way. Each month, Derek (Canadian) and Lukas (afraid of pigeons) will navigate rich worlds and characters, explore and deconstruct relationships and throw some good hearty entertainment at your faceholes.

The energy is up and our pants are on. Welcome to the club!

Upcoming Sessions

November 18