Every Friday night in 2019: hilarious improv based on your worst work stories in F#*k This, I Quit!

Conspiracy Up Late — Show Details

  Every Friday and Saturday Night during MICF!
  $12 Tickets
(Plus $0.50 Online Booking Fee)

Stay out late tonight! Each session of Conspiracy Up Late features a different group from The Improv Conspiracy community taking over the theatre and programming the variety show of their wildest dreams. That's eight different hours of weird and wonderful improv and sketch comedy that'll make you glad you stayed up past your bedtime.

March 30th - Your Friendly Neighbourhood Music 

After spending a whole month living in the hustle and bustle of The Big Apple, New York, New York -- drinking terrible coffee, touring free museums, and being accosted by homeless people on the train -- there was one thing stood out in our minds: "Hey, Melbourne's got most of this stuff too". Join us as we celebrate our beautiful, liveable, healthcare having home in the only way we know how -- comedy hip hop.

The show will be a night of hip-hop/other genre inspired music that is created using the very recognisable sounds of Melbourne - with stand up/comedy songs to accompany.

Presented by Pavan Dutta and Andy Peters, with special guests, Rhymezone.

March 31st - The Night Shoot - With Steven Spielberg (part deux)

The Night Shoot' is the talk show by Hollywood's favourite auteur: Steven Spielberg.
Join Steven as he celebrates all things Spielberg, with a night of sketch, music & special guests!

From the minds of Ryan Zorzut ('The Y2K Bug', writer), Simon McCulloch ('Uncle Orwell's Doomsday Party', writer) & Matt Jenner (Overweight & Unhealthy).

April 6th - Sleepless in She-attle

Fresh Queens are an exciting new all-female improv team who love romantic comedies. They don’t love the fact that they’re expected to love romantic comedies because they’re ladies. So they have decided it is time to rebel with love against the classic chick flick. The show will use the improvised movie format to mess with well-known tropes of rom coms and give them a timely feminist spin. It’s not Sleepless in Seattle this time. It’s Sleepless in She-attle.

Come and make the most of a sleepless night with great improvised comedy at The Improv Conspiracy’s MICF Up Late. Whether you love or hate romantic comedies, this is the show for you!
Starring: Ece Mustafoff, Elyce Phillips, Justine Caldwell, Kiara Musco, Marie Katherine, Megan Mitchell, and Rhian Wilson

April 7th - Crowd Work

A line-up of Melbourne's finest comedians and improvisers take to the stage with zero prepared material and a five minute slot to fill. Their only prompt? You. Spinning comedy gold from conversations with the audience, it's a chaotic midnight show that cannot be missed. Hosted by Alistair Baldwin (SBS, Vice) and featuring Ben Russell (ABC's The Tokyo Hotel, Aaron Chen Tonight), Hayley Tantau (Cindy Salmon, Foxtel’s The Slot), plus plenty more to be announced.

April 13th - Murder in the FEMMILY

FEMMILY hosts a one-off midnight show in conjunction with some special mystery guests, Murder in the FEMMILY. The show will revolve around a murder mystery, drawing inspiration from such major works as Cluedo, Gosford Park, and Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple. Murder in the FEMMILY is a hilarious take on the classic “whodunnit”. Murder. Mystery. Laughs!

Who are FEMMILY?
FEMMILY consists of an all female ensemble cast that includes Ange Chan, Rebecca Kate, Caity Staples, Elizabeth Donald, Indiana, Megan Mitchell and Mon Reid.

April 14th - The Outliers Up-Late Variety Night

Celebrating persity in comedy, The Outliers Up-Late Variety Night is set to be a wild fever dream of hilarity! Featuring an all-star lineup of delightful humans with perse sexualities, ethnicities, genders and abilities, this midnight extravaganza will put your favourite Outliers front-and-centre this Comedy Festival season. Expect stand-up, improv, sketch, storytelling, song and plenty more! Stay up past your bedtime for this colourful hour of honesty and laughs.

April 20th - F#*k This, I Quit

Ever worked somewhere really shit? Got a story about it? Bring it on down to The Improv Conspiracy where we’ll spin that story into hilarious scenes. “F#*k This, I Quit” is an amalgamation of your stories and improvised comedy. Check out some of the company’s most skilled performers create comedy gold from your horrific tales of bad bosses and callous customers.

April 21st - It’s Talkie Time with Jackie Lime

"It’s Talkie Time with Jackie Lime” is a late night variety show starring Tom Burton as chaotic crooner Jackie Lime and Indiana Kiely as the contractually-obligated HR Manager that holds the show together.

Each week, we’ll be smashing together improv and sketch comedy in a high-energy hour filled with all the things you love about late-night TV - and a few surprises along the way. Every show is completely unique, written and performed by a talented cast and a weekly rotation of special guests and musical performers.
His name may be sour, but you’re gonna have a sweet time with Jackie Lime."

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