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November 2017
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Never one to shy away from a challenge or avoid spontaneity, Cristina saw her first Harold performance and confidently proclaimed "That was amazing. I would never do that"
Soon after she visited The Improv Conspiracy website every few months for over two years, curiously eyeing the workshop sign-ups and chickening out before a life-affirming trip to Europe made her realise that life is short and we all die so just sign up, you idiot - what's the worst that could happen?

Turns out the worst thing that could happen was meeting the weirdest (best) people, learning the weirdest (best) skills and saying the weirdest (best) things that usually run through her mind out loud but actually having people laugh at them along with her for once instead of just chuckling to herself in a dark room before hitting "send tweet".

When she's not eating, sleeping, or tagging people in increasingly obscure Simpsons mash-up memes, you can see her performing with her beautiful Harold team as they educate the A.I. Baby, and occasionally turning the improv gauge to full ham with her hip-hop rap-prov duo RHYMEZONE.



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